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Fuck Everything And Run...

I don't remember the last time my parents were so angry with me. I went to family-therapy(spare me) yesterday with a few hickeys on my neck and i thought my dad was going to have a full blown aneurysm right there in the wating room in front of everybody. When we got into the office it was even worse, he started accusing me of being a slut and saying that i was going to "burn through all of the guys at my school before summer-school ends". What a fucking prick. And it really makes no sense to me(and makes me really fucking angry) that my parents would choose this time to be asking about my sex-life, when for years, it was really much more flamboyant and much more of a problem. When my dad found out i was doing coke and failing out of school he wasn't this mad. It just goes to show you that parents have no fucking clue about shit about shit about shit, and in the end will do much more damage than they are worth.
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